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Swellings on the side of the head or face can be caused by a variety of disease processes. Firm bony swellings on the side of the face are often presumed to be caused by dental disease until proven otherwise. Traumatic swellings of the face due to trauma are common because of the horse's power, speed, and strong flight response.

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Dec 14, · On Saturday we took her home and the swelling was almost completely gone. Coco didn't go out Saturday night (hailing) but Sunday morning there was no more swelling and I have been getting updates by phone from my mom who says her face has continued to be rapidshoot.info: Atokaghosthorse.

Jaw Swelling in Horses: Strangles or Grass Mumps? June 8, February 6, Other causes of facial swellings in horses include: Inflammation of the salivary glands, such as the parotid gland (parotiditis); Sign up today to get the latest news, updates, and information from Kentucky Equine Research. Face or Head Seems Swollen or Enlarged. Summary. commonly causes generalized swelling of the facial bones of the skull. Other disease processes cause swelling of the whole head. Stand directly in front of the horse and carefully study their face and head to determine whether the swelling is present on one or both sides, and what part of.
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Apr 19, · has your horse ever had these kinds of swelling in the jaw and face. has your horse ever had these kinds of swelling in the jaw and face. 5 year old TB gelding hh I have a male rottweiler with sudden facial swelling? Abscessed Tooth with facial swelling?Status: Open.

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Swelling/Edema over horses's cheek/jaw/throatlatch?? Mar. 22, , PM I'm going to have the vet out as soon as possible tomorrow, but meanwhile I'm . Articles and discussions on Swollen cheeks written and moderated by an equine veterinarian. The swelling was about as round as the cup of my hand mostly on his jaw, and swelled a little more into a goose egg like shape, but still over a large area while I was there (over a hr period). It was pretty even on both sides of his face and.

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Equine lymphangitis is an inflammation or swelling associated with impairment of the lymphatic system, particularly in a limb, in horses. It is most commonly a bacterial infection, although bacterial culture may be . First step is to diagnose the illness or condition. Learn the basics of equine diseases diagnosis in this helpful article. and any swelling on the horse's body or limbs is important for ongoing comparisons that may indicate a change from a healthy circulatory system to a less-than-healthy state. loss of control of facial muscles and.

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Diagnosing and Assessing Swellings in Horses by Robert N. Oglesby DVM Introduction Introduction» Is the swelling caused by inflammation?» Edema» Common Noninflammatory Swellings» Warm, Painful, Swellings» Warm, Nonpainful Swellings, Unsure if Inflammatory» Swellings by Location» More Info. I noticed yesterday, that my horse''s cheek is swollen on just one side of her face, there doesn''t appear to be any swelling on the opposite side or by her neck, throat or mouth. There is also no visible wounds. She seems to be acting and eating normally. Do you think this is an allergic reaction to insect bite or hitting her head on something.
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