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When it comes to music everyone is invited but only a few are gifted and are chosen to play musical instruments at its best, so it is important to hone those music skills with a quality musical instrument to keep on improving and to be the best. Major services that our music store offer include production and equipment rentals, band and orchestra rentals, lessons and repairs. If you are looking for a unique one stop shop for all your music needs, we can definitely provide services for large event production, backline departments, stage crew, staging professional sound, and management services. It is our pride and dedication to provide you the best musical instructor for piano, drums, guitar, violin and other musical instrument of your choice. We are specialized in corporate or institutional sales and rentals, repair, backline and many more.

Let us then check some tips you can do before purchasing a bass guitar in a music store. Try playing some standard bass guitar when you come face to face with a salesperson, for you to know what’s best for you. Choose something that sounds great for any type of music, and something that has a durable and tough material. Check the bass guitar’s make and finish to ensure it is even and the seams are tight. It is also a must to ensure that the strings are properly and evenly spaced on the bass guitar’s fingerboard. All the strings should have the same distance from each other, especially the G-string with the same distance from the edge of the fingerboard like the E string. It is important to check that the bass guitar’s neck is attached properly and securely to its body. The neck of a bass guitar can be attached to its body either bolt-on, set-in or neck-through. With bolt-on attachment, the neck is screwed into the body with large screws. The neck is glued seamlessly into the body for set-in or glued-in. The neck continues through the entire guitar body for neck-through attachment, and its body wings are glued to the sides of the neck. For bolt-on attachments, ensure that the neck does not shift when you pull and push it from side to side, and neck and body must be properly joined.

So if you are looking for a trusted and reliable music store, we can definitely help you with all your music needs. So feel free to come and visit our music store to help you find the best products and services we have to offer. We are proud to serve you with all of your music needs.
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