Proposes to girlfriend with 4 5 m crocodile

Handler Billy Collett made the proposal during a demonstration while 4.5-metre crocodile Elvis watched on from just metres away.

In a video uploaded to the Australian Reptile Park Facebook page, Mr Collett can be seen inviting his partner Siobhan Oxley to enter the enclosure to “have a crack at feeding the crocodile”, before dropping to his knee to make the proposal in front of a crowd of spectators.

Before inviting Ms Oxley in, Mr Collett coaxed the large crocodile out of its pond with what appears to be a piece of meat on the end of a stick.

“Three years ago, next week, I actually met the girl of my dreams; the girl I love more than anything,” Mr Collett announced to the crowd.

Mr Collett tells the crocodile to “stay there” and “behave yourself” before he turns to his partner to propose.

“Siobhan, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” Mr Collett asks before the crowd bursts into applause.

After she accepts, a clearly relieved Mr Collett jokes that proposing was “worse than feeding a crocodile”.

The crocodile appeared to be unmoved by the gesture.