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Bullet Penetration and Expansion in Wetpack, with Wounding Implications By John Michael Williams Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club, Cupertino, California bullet penetration distance measurements made after removal from the wetpack. The results were as in the next table.

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Jul 26, · Beginning at age 16 or 17, some friends and I began experimenting with bullet penetration and bullet expansion, rifle, handgun (and shotgun with slugs and buckshot.) And I had continued the shade tree experimenting through about my .

Jun 25, · Not enough bullet speed to be consistant. What I want to do is to test for expansion on my cast bullets, and of course I want penetration too. I can adjust the hardness of my bullets by adding in, or taking away form what I start rapidshoot.info: Carver. Jul 12, · You are not logged in. Home Forums Hunting Rifles Whelen bullet penetration and expansion test with pics Register Forums User List Calendar Active Threads Forum Help .
Bullet penetration and expansion
Bullet penetration and expansion
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Jun 28, · I like a good balance of both expansion and penetration in my bullets. Since I never know if I need to anchor an elk right there on the brink of -in the accurate words of faucett Bob - "frying pan canyon", the bullet in the chamber better be up to the .

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At the far right is a Corbon gr. JHP and at the bottom a gr. Golden Saber. Usually the Corbon will fragment more than this in water. The Golden Saber's bullet is beginning to slip the jacket and such is not uncommon in water. This same load gave both expansion and complete broadside penetration . All expanding bullets open very near entry; differences in design show in the wound channels that reflect built-in limits on the degree and rate of bullet expansion. PERFORMANCE VARIES. Expect greater penetration and weight retention from CE bullets, but not always in the same slug.

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Soft bullets has less penetration but more expansion that means that once the bullet enters the body, the bullet break and expands into a 'mushroom' and inflict more damage in the point of impact but does not cross the body from side to side, and of course it makes bleeding a lot. Jan 01, · Moreover if a bullet fails to penetrate its energy is expended to quickly.. Expansion, also equals damage. Part of why military hates 55gr FMJ its like laser and lack of expansion also means low energy transfer So in the end expansion velocity and penetration are the keys energy is the by product5/5().

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Bullets used for medium and large game need better penetration, which means bullets designed to maintain integrity and for less expansion. The velocities at which the bullets hit affect their expansion and penetration. Expanding bullets are less likely to pass through the target, and if they do they will exit at a lower velocity. Bullets that show little expansion penetrate better than those that expand to a wide diameter. Bullets that expand violently work poorly on heavy game but produce quick kills on light game.
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